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Wolf of the Willows Persistence II (440ml)

Wolf of the Willows Persistence II (440ml)

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Barrel Exchange Project 2021

Wolf of the Willows x The Gospel 

Persistence: to continue in spite of opposition, frustration or fatigue. 

Symbolic of our time, 'Rye' grain continues to grow even in the harshest of conditions. Just like the challenge of a maze, we all take different paths, we all hit dead ends, but with persistence we all grow and come out the other side, much like Rye does. 

This is the second year in which we brewed a very special Rye Imperial Stout and then aged the beer in hand selected Rye Whiskey Solera barrels from The Gospel Distillery. The result is an Imperial Stout rich in Rye Whiskey barrel aged flavours of molasses, liquorice, dark chocolate, spices and roast. 

ABV: 12.2% 

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