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Dssolvr Oops! All Reapers DDH IPA (473ml)

Dssolvr Oops! All Reapers DDH IPA (473ml)

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7.4% - 2.62 Standard Drinks

Sometimes you make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes are just happy little accidents. AND THUS “OOPS! ALL REAPERS” WAS BORN!

Basically, I messed up inventory and had enough hops to do half a batch of “Reapers and Creepers”, and half a batch of “Uppercuts and Lasertag”, so I decided to just smash the two together. And it’s fuckin’ awesome. For real, for real.

Blah blah blah (insert boring malt/yeast stuff here, but we obv did use Riverbend Malt). Hopped with a dizzying blend of Ella, Enigma, Citra, Vic Secret, Columbus, and some very new and ultra-sexy Nelson Sauvin CGX (turns out “cryo” is a trademark!) pelletized hops from the ONE AND ONLY Crosby Hops. It’s a lot, and it RIPS…or…REAPS…? It’s bussin’. Am I using that right?

We experience notes of cute lil’ Orange gummy wedges, Mango fruit leather, Grape Hi-Chew candies, Pineapple and Pear Ambrosia, dank dank dank, and the color purple. Probably a marijuana reference, too. All jokes aside, we haven’t been this surprised by an IPA in a while, and we genuinely hope you dig it. Also, please tell Death Shakes this new label is rad so we can make it again. K thx.

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