Mountain Culture x Meltdown Artisan Kraftwerk Orange Imperial Choc Orange Stout (500ml)

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11.1% - 4.4 Standard Drinks

For the third indulgent stout of our winter series, we'e teamed up with our mates at the world famous Meltdown Artisan chocolatiers who also call the Blue Mountains home.

Using an imperial stout base, we've added Meltdown's signature cacao powder along with the husks of single origin cacao beans ethically sourced from the Solomon Islands. An orchard full of orange rinds were then added post fermentation to give a refreshing citrus kick that cuts through the chocolate like a crystal moccasin.

It's a chocolate lover's dream and if that wasn't enough, Meltdown created a chocolate bar to match our beer using our grain, Solomon Island cocoa and freeze dried blood oranges.

Contains lactose.