Deeds Brewing Dark Skies Dark Lager (440ml)

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Do you hear that? So soft, it blends almost seamlessly into the sound your house makes every night. Slight ticks, groans and settling. Then there is is, the pitter patter of rain; a light tap, tap, tap against the eaves. It sounds almost restrained, then you hear the wind. Subtle at first but unmistakably masking a fury to come. The hair on your arm tingles and if Pap was here, he'd utilise his knee as a crystal ball of what's to come. 

Then, unexpectedly, the flash and everything is bright and brilliant for less than a second. You start counting knowing what always follows lighting. Your eyes struggle to adjust. You start counting. One. Two. Three... The Dark Skies have opened up. 

As Deeds continues their journey into traditional European lager styles, please find comfort in this single decoction-mashed Dunkel wholly made with German ingredients: Munich and Carafa malts, with Hallertauer Tradition hops. No need to worry. We'll get through this together. 

ABV: 5.3%